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Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lifts are truck-mounted devices used to raise and position workers to do a variety of above-ground tasks such as maintaining streetlights, hanging signage, inspecting bridges and overpasses, trimming trees, or maintaining utility lines. Often called boom trucks, bucket trucks, basket crane trucks, or cherry-pickers, there is an ever-increasing variety of types, sizes, and performance features to choose from.

Auto Truck Group can help you select the right aerial lift for your commercial van or truck from a number of telescoping, or articulating types – or both, as well as material-handling types. Other options include side-mount, or end-mount, over-center or non-over-center, and either insulated (for work on energized lines), or non-insulated.

An articulated non over-center aerial lift has a compensating system that keeps the upper boom at a constant angle when raising or lowering the lower boom and mechanically prevents the upper boom from traveling over- center.
The telescoping aerial lift has a boom arm that extends horizontally and vertically making these a favorite for signage/lighting maintenance. Models are available for a wide variety of vehicles, including non-CDL trucks and one-ton vans.
Articulated over-center aerial lifts make it easy to access hard-to-reach areas and maneuver up and over obstacles. With units offering over 50’ of horizontal reach these are a favorite with forestry crews. Lifts equipped with heavy-duty material handlers are widely used in electric utility service operations.
Articulated Telescoping booms provide the reach of a telescoping boom with the maneuverability of an articulated boom – great for sign and lighting maintenance. These dual performance booms are suitable for mounting on large or medium-to-heavy-duty truck chassis.
Insulated bucket truck units enable utility workers to perform service on energized transmission lines with greater safety. There are 3 components which provide some protection from electrocution: a basket made of non-conductive material or one which has a non-conductive liner; an insulated section or non-conductive gap between the upper boom and elbow; and an insulated section or non-conductive gap between the elbow and truck chassis.